Surface Problem

Hey people!

I have a little problem with an surface. Whenever I want to create the surface, arise edges. See picture. Does anybody advice? :confused:

Regards, Andreas

Hi Andi - please post your input curves- there are a couple of ways to tackle this.


Hey pascal! Thanks for your interest! Here is the file!

best regards

Without opening your file, just by looking at the screenshot I can tell that your curve layout is flawed for this kind of surface.
You won’t be able to create this “crowned” surface (that’s the technical term) as a single surface, but you will need to create multiple curvature continous surfaces to get the desired result.
Without getting to much into the details, there are several free tutorials on youtube that explain the right approach.

Here’s a video about building the backside of an iPad
Part 1

Part 2

Hope that helps, Norbert

Hey! :smiley:

Thanks for your support! Its work! Now i am happy :wink:

I wish you a good day