Surface offset

Hi all
After I offset the multiple surface, the gap will generate between surface .
Does anyone know how to extend the surface to make the gap disappear?

Best regard註解 2020-08-04 162500 公式微結構.gh (17.1 KB)


Check this:

公式微結構 BVR (16.2 KB)

Lunchbox plugin used.


Thanks u a lot for ur anwser bro
May I ask u another question ?
How to thicken the surface?

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Here it is

2 plugins used : LunchBox, Sasquatch

公式微結構 BVR (19.6 KB)

Dear BVR
I’m sincerely grateful for ur help
Do u recommend the plugins except Sasquatch?
Because my rhino version is conflict to Sasquatch

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If you’re using legal version of Rhino why don’t you update it. In the meantime i’ll try to upload the offset example, without any plugin.

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If they are surfaces rather than BReps there is an offset surface (+ thicken) component with pufferfish:

Some useful other components too.

Using offset surface does seem to highlight that your curves are not tangential. Anyway, 公式微結構 BVR (18.5 KB) find attached.


Dear BVR
I am really thank for ur reply
U are really good man

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Ha-ha people used to say that. :wink:

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Dear John
I am very thankful for ur reply and help bro

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If you don’t mind to use meshes, then there are good chances to try some cool features in mesh+ plugin including Schwarz “P” minimal surface.

Schwarz (17.5 KB)

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Haha u deserve it bro !
May I ask u another way which without any plugin for thickening the surface?

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Dear HS_Kim
Thank u very much four ur precious suggestion , I will adopt it.

Have a nice day😁

Clean solution and faster too