Surface Offset, Edge problem

Hi all,

im trying to offset the red surface. But instead off offsetting it perpendicular in all directions, i want the ends to follow a straight line (like the red surface does). Is there any way to do so? i tried to move the polysurface vertices and then trim it, but that changes the surface curvature).



offsetsrf offsets the surface along the surface normals.
if you want to have the borders straight along an axis, you need to copy the surface, move it and sweep2 around.

alternatively you can select the surface and with the round dot on the gumball create the volume directly in the gumballs axis.

note that you won’t have a regular thickness measured by the normals by using this method, but variable thicknesses in relation to the surface mouvement

hope that helps

Thanks! i will try that.
In the meantime i found the command Fin. It lets you continue the surface edge.