Surface Morph: Uneven Distribution

Hello all,

I’m trying to apply a voronoi pattern to various surfaces using Surface Morph. Though when doing so, it seems I have an uneven distribution of the pattern. It gets squished around the corner edges and then too spaced out. Anyone knows of a way to fix this? A way where this distribution would always be evenly distributed across any surface would be ideal…

Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

– ea

uneven_surfmorph.3dm (2.3 MB) (11.5 KB)

Try to rebuild your base surface so that the surface should have an even UV domain space…

Can’t touch that R7 .3dm file using R6 unless you either ‘Save As…’ R6 or internalize your surface in the GH file.

Oh, sorry about that. Here it is.

– ea
uneven_surfmorph_r6.3dm (33.5 KB) (11.5 KB)

I’m not sure how @HS_Kim would “rebuild your base surface” but you can see the problem he describes by using SDivide (Divide Surface) and notice the columns of points are not evenly spaced:

Another thing to notice, which is not actually relevant, is that Dimensions produces a slightly different value than surface edge lengths.

So I used Rebuild Curve (ReB) and chose a value that closely matched the existing surface in top view. I had to swap X and Y creating the Plane Surface because it looked all messed up otherwise. (20.0 KB)

Thanks to both of you for the quick responses. I’ll dive into your thorough approach @Joseph_Oster. It seems to work properly. Following @HS_Kim’s response I did the following which seems to have worked as well. I think. (13.8 KB)

Yeah, I’m not surprised a plugin is available, though there are other ways to rebuild a surface. The UV counts you are using are MUCH HIGHER than the value I used to rebuild edge curves.


Ok noted. Greatly appreciate your feedback. You are right regarding Dimensions also. I had noticed the discrepancy when unrolling the surface in Rhino and saw that they weren’t exactly the same length. Strange.