Create average mesh/ surface from bunch of points

Any ideas to create surface from any list of points? Surfacefrom points doesnt work at least since i guess it works with grid points. (6.0 KB)


usually some delaunay triangulation should do part of the trick. else some convex hull should do the trick for more complex geometries. sadly your file didn’t help at all. can you internalise the points?



Points are internalized. This is the new file (6.4 KB)

Hey @MomoJawad

I am not sure what that required plug-in is, but I seem not to be able to find it, nor download it. However, I am seeing 452 points, that are planar enough that the delaunay mesh node can sort them along the normal xy-plane. I simply added the delaunay-mesh node to your geo node and got the mesh out.

Hope that helps