Surface mapping via lunchbox. Incorrect surface selection

Hello. I am trying to panelize the surface using LunchBox plugin option…

The panelized surface should be the one that is selected (marked in yellow) in the screenshot below.
But the system recognized the area (marked in red) as a refference surface which is not what I wanted.

SVIESA- TAMSA.3dm (621.9 KB)

Here’s an adaptation of this solution by @HS_Kim

SVIESA- (173.0 KB) Geometry is internalized


Faster version (eliminated Region Intersection component).

SVIESA- (177.0 KB)


Looks very complicated to a newbie.

Thank you for your time and solution.

Also, the output geometry is classified as closed Brep.

What changes can/ must be done to reclassify the closed Brep to a surface?

Another question: how do you refference a command/ component to a comment in the forum? (As you did with “Region Intersection”)
SVIESA- (171.3 KB)

Why did you change the file I uploaded? It outputs 104 surfaces (your original surface divided into panels).

This is the file you uploaded in your post (note the missing and mis-wired connections):

Enter text like this to get the formatting I used.

<kbd>Region Intersection</kbd>

Edit: I thought perhaps you don’t have the Treesloth plugin.
Here’s a couple of options that don’t use it (both still use LunchBox).

SVIESA- (177.3 KB)
SVIESA- (178.3 KB)