Surface In - Out ("Odd-Even") ("Dispatch")


I would like to split the list of the trimmed surfaces generated by the script below… let’s say in a “surface in - surface out” way.

I’ve tried the dispatch, but it splits the list a bit randomly, as shown in the pic.

This is what I would like to do, with the checked surfaces on a list and the unchecked on the other.

Thank you!

TEST (27.6 KB)


Your surfaces are not in order.

This comes partialy from Surface Split (the first and last row are made of several pieces, not just one) and also from your initial curves that are not sorted properly. I see barbarian flattening on the output of the rectangular array !

You need to sort them first.


Then I used a reference point calculated on XY and sporphed on the surface to identify the pieces to keep by closest point.

Big patches are in order and separated from the rest.
It will be hard sorting the rest. Maybe you should consider making your base surface for the mapping slightly larger so that the first and last surfaces are also in one piece.

TEST (32.2 KB)

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TEST (34.8 KB)


Thank you both.

You remind me that I have a lot to learn on GH.

Thank you for all the suggestions.