How to split a list of surfaces by trimmed or untrimmed

Hi all,
I have a list of surfaces, some of which are trimmed, that I need to separate from a larger list of untrimmed surfaces. the index of the trimmed surfaces may change so I am trying to figure out a way to control the split not by index but by whether or not the object is trimmed. I remember seeing a thread some years ago wherein there was a way to control a split with a text string but I cant find it again. any help is much appreciated!

I have in Pufferfish a component that tests if a surface is trimmed or not. component is called “Is Surface Trimmed”.

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thank you!
I ended up creating a function and comparing the output string of “trimmed surface” or “untrimmed surface” to create a boolean list and used that to seed a dispatch component. it didn’t end up solving my problem in the end.
I had to go back and create a set of isotrim generated untrimmed surfaces to get the result I was looking for.