Surface Geometry

My script seems to be working fine, however it is not showing on my surface geometry the way I need it to.

I have compressed my rhino 7 file as it was 3mb too big
Rondebosch (11.9 KB)
Rondebosch (10.3 MB)

could you elaborate ? It is difficult to imagine what you exactly need!

I have been trying to have this script be applied by my geometry shape. My script would have allowed my windows, I have created to appear on my geometry in the pattern provided but I have been having trouble getting it to show. I have been looking at tutorials but I haven’t found a workaround so far.

Currently I am trying to achieve this example

One way is to use Surface Morph to morph the pattern onto your surface. You’ll need to rebuild the surface you want to map onto for the U,V to work.
220712_Rondebosch (22.0 KB)

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I will try and troubleshoot this idea in hopes I can make it work with the surface