Surface from points

Hi, I´m trying to make a surface from points and there´s an error i´m no able to solve.
What I am trying to do is the surface of a terrain with the contour lines, I don’t know if there is a simpler and more exact way, thank you (891.5 KB)

This doesn’t work. The initial surface is trimmed and some of the points of the Divide Surface are outside your perimeter. You can see Null entries if you plug the output of the Divide Surface into a panel. On the screenshot, only the green points are within your perimeter.

Not sure why you need a surface?

You could create a polysurface with Quad Remesh, turn it into a SubD and convert this into a Brep. (898.4 KB)

Oh! Thank you
I just checked your option but it does not covers every of the contour lines,

And I made the target count up to 10,000 aand it still doesn´t, is there anything eles I can do?

You might have to set the Interpolate input to True on the SubDFromMesh component

I already set the interpolate boolean true and it´s still not accurate, what Im trying to do is something like this, whithout the water
Is this the best way to make the 3D topography? (34.3 KB)

The accuracy of the polysurface can be increased if you remesh with a higher number of faces.

But, is there any particular reason why you want a the terrain to be a polysurface?

Below is a solution just with meshes. What’s the goal? Is the model just going to be rendered or are you planning on 3D printing or even laser cutting layers of carboard? (890.5 KB)

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Than you!! Yes, the goal is just the site model for rendering!

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