Create a surface on closed curves


I am attempting to create a boundary surface on a joined curve that I would later offset. After trying several ways, I could not compute the surface. Could anyone advise me on how I can resolve this issue? Thank you in advance. (30.9 KB)

this could be one way, but I did not use Boundary Surface (30.0 KB)

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@inno Thank you so much! This is perfect! I am a beginner in Grasshopper, so I am still learning of the various methods and components I can utilize. Thank you again for your help.

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@inno Is there a way I can offset the surface? I have tried implenting several methods, one of which is in the original definition I shared, but none have worked.

this looks like working succesfully with the very specific amount of offset in this definition
but I have tried it with a slider and it fails for some other dimensions (30.6 KB)

@inno Thank you! I was using a slider, so it is most likely why I failed to offset the surface. I’ll try the method you’ve shared. Thank you again!