Surface from mesh

Is it possible to create a surface on the face of this volumetric mesh?
There is a guy who modeled this in a tutorial in Youtube, 3dbeast, but what i need is the surface before he extruded. Is it possible to do it from this file?


that might be a bit work, since it is not a continuous mesh but consists obviously out of separated tiles which do not touch each other.

there are a few methods some maybe even relatively fast (10 minutes) while others are more precise but might take 30 minutes or more on modelling and choosing either depends definitely on what you are using it for.

Actually i don’t care if it is not very precise… I need to use the surface (if it is all joined as one surface). Sometimes the surfaces are separated so obviously they should remain like that but the small tiles must be all together.

ic, well i should ask if you have any experience using rhino generally? why dont you draw a few interpolated curves for each surface you need and loft them. just draw along the vertices of the tiles. maybe you need about 10 per surface. it will take you 30 minutes. anyhting faster may not work well since the tiles would have to be exploded and reduced to the outer surfaces only, then you could simply outline the surfaces and use patch. in any case some manual work seems to be inevitable.

discussing all that involving others takes you more time than just to start and get over it!

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Use QuadRemesh command (in Rhino 7) to convert these meshes into several SubD objects. (You can later join these objects into single SubD object.) If you want to add small details, use ToNURBS command to convert the SubDs to polysurfaces before you make the details.