Surface Divide across multiple surfaces

I am trying to create a surface divide that spans across multiple surfaces. These surfaces do not break in tangency, but is still a multi surface body.

I have tried mergesrf in Rhino, Brep Join in Grasshopper, and Kangaroo

I have found a couple different forum threads that are close, however most are based on a mapped projection. This was the closest one found:

Is there any way to join surfaces in rhino or grasshopper to achieve a uniform surface divide?

I’m really no expert in surface type stuff, but as I understand it, you’ll find it difficult to have a similar division across multiple surfaces as they have a different network of control points. When you evaluate a surface, you are evaluating it at a given UV coordinate. If each surface has a different UV grid, then the coordinates (relative to each other) wont line up as you’d expect.

To get around this you could always extract parameters from the grouped surfaces and rebuild a single surface to match as closely as possible. That way you’d have a single UV grid and could split based on that

If you post a definition someone will likely have a go at solving your issue


For this particular case, where the outer border is a clean “rectangle”, with rhino 7 you can make QuadRemesh>SubD>ToNurbs and have a single big surface.

How accurate do you need to be?

Create contours and loft? Create intersection curves with some strategically chosen planes and _networksrf? Depending on how you use these options, they may be more accurate than quadremesh–toSubD–toNurbs workflow. And if you’re trying to keep it all in grasshopper, they’ll probably process faster than quadremesh does.

Maybe some of the “unsplit” components in pufferfish could help make sure you can reconstruct it as a single seamless surface?

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Hey guys, I ended up reaching out to my client and they said they didn’t mind if I recreated the surface, so I ended up using _networksrf as suggested. I’m now getting the results I wanted! My crutch was definitely the opposing UV grid influence. I wasn’t able to use QuadRemesh as it was a 3 sided surface. Thanks for all of the help. Much appreciated!

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Glad you found a solution. Confused that QuadRemesh saw it as a three sided surface.