Surface Discontinuity

I have a brep body and I translated a surface, after which Surface is left with a gap.
why does this happen, how can this be corrected?
gap in teh surface

impossible to help with a screenshot. might be a meshing-problem.
please provide more info.
post your .3dm file and script so others can reproduce the error.

if it is not the result of a script / Plug-in / code use the rhino-windows category - not developer.

kind regards - tom

filetosee2.3dm (818.8 KB)
Above is a 3dm file also below find a screen shot, this is a similar example in which using gumball I dragged the surface and resulting body has incomplete surface.
gap in surface

Hi @Rushank
Rhino doesn’t do direct modeling. I’m uncleaer as to what was the expected result, but grabbing a sub-object and moving/rotating/scaling it will very rarely result in anything good in Rhino, unless the surrounding surfaces have all been set up correctly and/or are all really simple geometries. In Rhino 8 there are a few more tools supporting this type of work flow (look for PushPull) but when trimmed surfaces with attached fillets etc. are involved, it rarely goes well.

Edit: Here’s @theoutside’s quick demo of PushPull in V8

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I was expecting the moved surface to get connected to its parent body with a continuous surface. But I could see gaps. Can this be resolved in Rhino somehow?

Well there are gaps because you’ve created a bunch of very messed-up geometry.

It’s not clear what you’re trying to do, but the way you’re trying to do it isn’t going to work. Were you trying to just make some kind of edit to your object or turn it into a freeform blob?

Hi @Rushank
Not quite sure what this means. As far as I can tell, you’ve moved the selected side surface upwards, but what do you expect to happen, when you do that?

It wil force both the top and bottom of the part to deform, and unless you split the surface (eg. using SplitFace) to tell Rhino where you want it to deform, it will just force the entire top-surface into shape - resulting in some really weird geometry. Can you sketch out what the expected outcome would be? Also, in its current state, cylindrical surfaces are, most of the time, not playing nice with moving the surrounding faces - one of the reasons PushPull is being introduced in V8, I guess.

When I move a face the object transforms to connect the face. I want the transformed object with moved face. I was expecting the surface without gaps in between parent and new face as it was before.

Hi @Rushank,

You can use the _MoveFace command to move a face and keep it connected. The problem with your model is that the top face geometry has got messed up and that throws a spanner in the works. Imagining that your face was originally planar, on a copy, I’ve replaced the wonky one with a flat top and I can move side faces like this:

On the left I moved the single central face and this resulted in sharp edges. On the right I moved the central face and the two curved faces together, preserving the end curvature.