Blend surface giving me gaps

Hi does anyone know why this happens?

here is the model if anyone wants to have a hit at it
crazy fillets.3dm (527.8 KB)

If the green fillet is the one you were talking about, I rotated the seam of the revolved red surface away (steps: dupborder, untrim, srfseam, rotate seam by 180 deg, trim using dupborder result), then blendsrf works better. I did not check if rotating the seam or simply retrimming did the job. Check that out.

Raja, i have no clue what you did and why

was that the correct fillet you were talking about?
I listed the steps of what i did, did you try these?
regarding why - surface seams (specially with revolved surfaces) and bad trimming can create problems for subsequent operations. Hence, the steps.

actually i am trying to resolve all the fillets in the file using whatever operations i can but its really tought in rhino and i never used some of the steps you did before so its why am asking

ok, i understand. do check the help file for the commands unfamiliar to you. The wheel design is complex enough to practice surface modelling. But if you are on a deadline, then there are two commands which can be helpful in visualizing automotive features without modelling them- ApplyShutLining and ApplyEdgeSoftening.

Rhino is a huge programme takes many years to get used to however i have never faced such models before in rhino so i love to consult the forum, can you apply some of the fillets raja? i mean complete a few to see

Hi Mitviz- the surface edges are not quite in the right places - RebuildEdges on the input surfaces and you will see that they jump out to where the blend thinks they are. The difference is very small, within tolerance.


You’ve been heading wrong direction. Adjacent surfaces are not good, plus they are trimmed surfaces. So, I would say there is no hope making above G1 continuity.

crazy fillets.3dm (1023.0 KB)

I just tried on one fillet (see attachment). Just used DupEdge, and the Sweep2, with the Arc as cross section. There’s a slight dent/jump on the surface I get, because of the trimmed surface edges that are wrong, but it’s the best I can do. Not an expert, though! :wink:crazy fillets.3dm (661.5 KB)