Surface direction problem

I have noticed that panel shading doesn’t show the same in top view and perspective view and it just messed me up on a job

I use backface colour to identify panel direction. using top view I flatten surfaces but after looking at the perspective view I now see one panel is inside out . any ideas how I can cure this so both views are the same

Hi Richard -
Please post the 3dm file. There’s not all that much that can be said from pictures alone.

sure thing, it’s messy though. the work is a sprayhood for a sail boat
i will upload a slightly earlier iteration
sprayhood-working4.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hello- I guess I would make sure to check this in a shaded rather than a ghosted view, for one thing - but it should work - as far as I can see the surfaces unrolled with the outside up - can you just post a file with the results that look incorrect in the different views? If it is just the one flattened surface, that looks correct so far here.
Please post the results from the Rhino command SystemInfo


will have to do systeminfo from my laptop at work as I am on a home one now… This looks like my fault.
I didn’t realize that Ghosted wouldn’t show backface colours,

just switched to shaded and there are the backface colours !!

With panels using different directions the front surface was correct and the top surface was inside out when flattened… I
Thanks Pascal