Surface deviation in Rebuild

I don’t recall having the surface deviation show up automatically when I hit the Preview button in Rebuild - this hung Rhino for a good 15 seconds… Am I going nuts here?  Did it always do this?

Edit: note I didn’t hit the “Calculate” button, just “Preview”…


Just tried Rebuild on a surface in Version 5 SR9 64-bit (5.9.40609.20145, 6/9/2014).
Preview shows the rebuilt surface as a wire frame. No sign of the deviation.
Calculate shows the deviation as a comb.

Hi Mitch- this is exactly why the thing was capped to begin with- no deviation shown above a certain number of points- there were many many complaints about this so the cap was removed or revised upward - now you get to wait…


Yeah, but I didn’t ask for the display… If I hit Preview, why does it calculate and show me the deviation display? I just want to see what the surface looks like. If I hit OK without preview, getting the result takes only a half second…


Tried another, simpler example. This one displays the preview surface and deviation comb without clicking Preview or Calculate.

Why not have the preview surface only show when Preview is clicked, and the deviation comb only show when Calculate is clicked?