Rebuild Curve: bug?

I noticed a strange behavior with the command “rebuild Crv”. Does not update in real-time the preview of the points added (or decreased) of a generic curve (you only notice a red dot, but the points do not appear in preview).
It’s a bug?
(Rhino 6 wip ultimate version).

It should automatically preview and update the deviation if the curve isn’t too complicated.
If it’s a very complicated curve, it may take too long.

Do you have a specific example?

I do not know if it is a command failure, but if you draw a curve degree 3 with 5 points, for example, with the rebuild command increase the number of points to 10,15, 20 … the curve does not update in the preview number of points chosen. Questioning: "Is it a flaw, or does it work exactly like that?"
Only the deviation of the curve is previewed …

Maybe the command must work this way, I’ll say a nonsense…

Following your steps in a new file, my on-screen curve preview updates with every point or degree change I make in both V5 and V6.

I’m running in a default Wireframe display mode.
Are you?
What is your display adapter?

Both in wireframe and shaded mode.
I repeat, I do not know if it is an anomaly: when I increase or decrease the points, these are not updated in preview. I have to click on OK to see the operation completed.

Also, I found another defect in the analog command: “Rebuild curves according to a master curve” (right mouse button on RebuildCrv).
While using the command, it is not possible to cancel the operation, by means of the arrow-command, cancel.

Try it in V5,
Does it update then? It should.

What is your display adapter and driver date?

In Rhino 5 it works correctly.
(NVidia GeForce 960 gtx video card, updated driver to the latest version - v. 385.69, opengl 4.5)

rebuild (2.4 MB)

Thanks to John for the interest.

As I said, beyond this bug, there is a small problem in “rebuild curve over a master curve” (right mouse button in ‘rebuild crv’).
During execution of the command you can not cancel the operation through the toolbar icon ‘cancel’, you must give OK and execute the command. Little bug…

Can you show a screenshot of this?

If I understand you correctly, when you select a 5 point curve in RH6 and then call Rebuild and increase the point count to e.g. 7, there are still only 5 control points shown. In RH6, points are automatically turned on when you select a curve.

Are you saying that in RH5, when you select that curve and turn on its points and then call Rebuild, increasing the control point count in the dialog will automatically update the control point count on the curve in the viewport?

It doesn’t do that here. (RH5 nor RH6) - then again, as you say, I’m not so sure it’s a bug…

Or are you really saying that the curve itself is not updated?

Wim, you said well: the points (increased or decreased) are not updated in preview.
In Rhino 5 same problem, I was wrong. I do not know if it’s a bug or a choice desired by developers. In my opinion, modified control points should be visible in preview, not only when you complete the command with OK.
It is important for the user to see what he is doing during an operation, this talk is valid for each creation/editing command.