Rebuild doesn't like to show me max deviation

I’m using the May 24 version of Rhino5. I tend to work with meshes where I want to take mesh contours/sections and then rebuild them into higher order, smoother curves. I could draw curves over top but it’s nice to be able to rebuild them as degree 3 or 4 curves. I used to do this all of the time and rebuild would show me the max deviation of all the curves I was rebuilding. It does not seem to hardly ever show the deviation anymore. Has something changed or am I just unlucky?

Hi Collin - There is a cap on the number of points at the moment- that is, beyond a certain number of points involved in the original and rebuilt results, Rhino does not show the deviation. This is a common enough complaint, actually, and there is a bug report for it on the bug list here, I’ll see if I can give that a nudge.


The limit of the number of points is to low. Please try to get a much higher count or best try to get the feature done without a point limit.


Here a Rhino 4 screenshot. The current R5 limit is a problem.

You shouldn’t be having this problem with only 24 points as shown in your screenshot above, so this is definitely buggy. Does the original curve have a gazillion points? Did you try hitting Preview or bumping the point number up and down once to see if the deviation magically appears?


Attached the curve - point count 4 works fine. :slight_smile: At R4 any point count works.

Curve2.3dm (221.8 KB)

Yeah, that definitely looks buggy… This kind of “limitation” has been around for awhile. I can get the closed curve up to 11 points and still get a deviation, and the open one up to 15, but that’s all here…


Whats the status on this bug, @pascal ?

Its causing me headaches now too. I don’t often rebuild, but when I do, I need that max deviation like it worked in V4.

Good that this is brought up again, as it didn’t work very well in V4 either.
I had scripts that rebuilt a bunch of curves and printed out the maxdeviations, and on many occasions it was way off.

I put a note on the bug that it is really getting on people’s nerves… I will nudge the developer.


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… some months later: will it be fixed in the next SR?