Surface Continuity Soft corners

I’m trying to do exercise 18 - Soft corners. The initial JOIN and SWEEP 1 RAIL command worked fine. I repeated the SWEEP 1 RAIL command to make the second surface. But, as you can see by the included picture, when I try to pick the top edge of the surface I created, it will only pick a section and not the entire edge. Am I doing something wrong? I made sure that my first SWEEP 1 RAIL was a CLOSED SWEEP.

Any help or suggestions will be welcome Thanks!

Hi James - you are not doing anything wrong - you need to set Refit Rail in the Sweep one dialog - thanks for the heads up, I’ll get this added to the text. (that setting was added later in V5 and was not always there)

ChainEdges should get you a similar result if you use that in the second layer sweep1.


Am I supposed to set REFIT RAIL in the SWEEP ONE dialog at the same time I check CLOSED SWEEP for the first surface? Or, exactly how should the instructions read? Thanks!

Yes, exactly. That way the thing will be one surface instead of breaking up at the tangent corners.


Thanks a lot Pascal! You sure make life easier. One day I hope to know at least half of what you do.