Guitar Through-Neck Transition Modelling Help

Hey guys. Really struggling with this one. I just can’t get this surface correct. Any tips? Will Include Model for you to have a go with

Here is what i’m trying to achieve:


Here are my attempts:

The File:Through.3dm (851.2 KB)


  1. Erase bad surfaces.
  2. Replace the bad surfaces with simple surfaces.
  3. Use RebuildUV to add enough control points where you need them to control the surfaces.
  4. Now you have to reshape at least one surface. This is the most difficult step. The most flexible command is SoftMove. Turn on control points and move them using the SoftMove command. There are many other ways to reshape the surface. For example, you can draw rails/curves and use them to make new surface with Sweep2 command. You can also try MatchSrf and BlendSrf.
  5. Use FilletSrf to replace sharp edges with fillets.
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Thanks very much for the reply. I will give that a go tomorrow! I’ve tried sweeps/2rail sweeps but couldn’t get a great result aswell.