Surface between lofts

Still very new to grasshopper but ive created this form which i need to fill the gaps in. The photo attached shows what i mean and what i want to create, i would like to make a surface between the 3 groups of lofts ive done, so all the circles in yellow should loft to the surrounding purple hex shapes, and then the purple hex shapes should loft to the light blue hex shapes. In the end i want the wall to only have the holes from the circles if that makes sense.

What would be the best way to do this, which command (im guessing loft?) can create a surface between these parts

Uploaded remaining files in the comments

Appreciate all the help i can get, and thanks in advance

FORUM_HELP.3dm (11.2 MB) (49.0 KB)

Please reduce the file. Delete everything that isn’t important. By internalising the data (for example initial Surface) you don’t Need to upload a .3dm file.

Ok, the loft between blue and purple is no Problem. Your circles weren’t in the right order according to your voronoi cells. solved that. The Problem is the Surface between cell and circle. Even with adjusted seams, loft isn’t working nicely. So I did a small Workaround with Patches. Joining them won’t result as a closed brep. Don’t know if you Need it. (46.8 KB)

Thank you so much for your help, yeah i had a hunch that something with the voronoi numbering wasnt lining up but had no clue how to deal with it, thanks so much again for the help!!!