Surface artifacts from heightfield generated geometry

Hi! I’d generated a surface with heightfield, and the result is a bit weird.
I don’t know how to fix them. I would apreciate some help

Here are the rendered and raytraced results:

Also in some places the wireframe doesn’t match the surface. like in this shaded view

This is the original map:

I tried to save a small chunk of the surface, but its impossible to reduce its size…

Is your object far from origin and/or really big?

Yes, it’s an imported GIS shp file. So origin is far away as the coordinate system indicates. May be related to this?
How can I rework the origin without losing the ability to reference other SHP with same coordinates in same place?

Yes, especially Raytraced, but also Rendered mode will draw what looks like broken geometry.

Please review


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Thanks for the links, I see now that this issue is reapeated a lot.
would be a nice feature for rhino to study when the artifacts start to be noticiable and make an “automatic” warning for the user telling “Don´t you think we are too far away?” with a “continue mission: to explore strange new worlds, to boldly go where no one has gone before.” and “Don’t bother me again, spock” tick box. Could save time for those who encouter this issue for first time, and in this forum.

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