Surface Area per Material

Hi All,

I have a model that contains 4 materials (3 of them are Sub selected surfaces and therefore different materials). is there a way to calculate the surface area of each material on an object? Exploding the object does not help because all sub materials are lost the instant one presses “enter”. Thoughts on this being a feature or being a bug? I would prefer the materials “stick” until I choose to change them but I realize a lot of coding may be involved to make that happen.

If its not possible to calc surf area per material can it become possible in the near future? I am trying to write a quick script that will allow me to calculate how much glaze needs to be applied to each object we produce.


Hi Andrew - I don’t see a way other than perhaps in a script, but I have not dug into that yet. I do see that exploding a polysurface with per-face materials does not maintain the materials, I guess that needs a look.


Hi Pascal,

I figured it would have to be via a script but I could not find anything that would allow for me to extract that information. Frankly I am not sure where the sub object material info would be stored.