Support for VS2015 or later

I need to compile my plugin (for now compiled with VS2010 for x64 version and VS2005 for x32 version, how suggested), with vs2015 or later.
Is there this possibility. If yes, how?
Eventually with new version of rhinocheros and new sdk, will be possible?

Thanks fot the answer.
But I have the problem is that our plugin is developed in C++, and actually is not possible to migrate to C# version.
Have you other suggestions to solve our problem?

For Rhino 5, you can only compile C++ plug-in (x64) in VS2010 and (x32 in VS2005). For Rhino 6, you can only compile x64 in VS2015. That’s it I’m afraid, it has to do with the VC++ runtime version against which Rhino itself is linked.

Do you know when will be release Rhino 6 with the SDK?

Already, you can try the work in progress beta version. Follow the Serengeti link on top of the page for more info. Each new beta version is accompanied by an up to date C++ SDK.

Nobody knows the release date. It will be released when it is finished.

@ceruti, @menno,

Actually, for Rhino 6 we are using Visual Studio 2017.

The Rhino 6 WIP C++ SDK is available for testing:

– Dale