Sun Panel is all kinds of weird

Hi there

Since updating Rhino VisualARQ the Sun Panel is now showing our projects in Madagascar instead of the Faroe Islands, you can see the Latitude and Longitude not matching the map:

Which means all of our projects have incorrect sun settings currently, and when clicking on the map I’m getting all sorts of weird locations, and I cannot input two different numbers into Long and Lat, they apparently depend on each other? See here:

Wow… I cannot reproduce that here, but I do not have the public 6.24 installed, I’ll try that. Does this behave this way in a brand new file from no template?


Hi Pascal

Yeah also in a brand new file without any template, and the bug is still there on my computer on SR25 as well. I made another gif when I’m just clicking random places on the map, you can see how the Latitude and Longitude stay at 0, 0. Yet the timezone and sun settings change, but not to their correct settings.

@andy, @johnc - do you have any idea what might be going on here?


Are you using Visual ARQ at all? I only ask, because I am running into sun issues as well and I just updated Visual ARQ the other day and started experiencing this issue soon afterwards. My file is also full of VisualARQ blocks.

My sun issues are not honoring the degrees input into the North angle, while being set to the sun data from Providence, RD. The degrees shift all over the place when I type them in.

Indeed I am, turning off the plugins VisualARQ and Tibidabo fixed the issue. Sorry about that @pascal I just did a batch update of both VisualARQ and then Rhino and thought that this must be a Rhino related issue.

Calling @fsalla @RamonC @enric

Hi @rheinason,

I’ve been able to fix the issue in VisualARQ 2.7.4. This was a change we made for Lands in Tibidabo (shared plug-in between Lands and VisualARQ), and we are swapping latitude and longitude by mistake.

As soon as the first build is finished I’ll post it here so you can test if the fix works.




Run into the same issue. Thanks for fixing this in the next release!

Hi @Eugen, @rheinason and @SuitableConditions,

Here is the last installer of VisualARQ 2.7.4 for Rhino 6:

Please, confirm if the Sun issue is fixed.




Yes, works fine again! Thanks for the quick fix!! :+1: