Sun Options issues with VisualArq - fixed

Doing renderings with Enscape3D. It`s sun depends on the Rhino sun settings, which is good. So I switched the sun to manual control, to set it’s position in a reproducible manner, but there are some problems:


  1. When in a top view North is in Y direction, I assume I have to set the North angle parameter to 90°, right?
    However, there seem to be a bug: when I use this grey dial to change the north direction, the numeric parameter follows correctly, but when I set the parameter numerically, the dial jumps around seemingly random. Try the little up/down arrows to step in 1°, and see what happens.
    This happens also when Enscape is not started, so it must be a Rhino thing.

  2. After every render, the North direction is reset again. Makes no sense, either.

Thanks for checking this out!
Best regards

Hi Eugen - I take it that you are also using VisualARQ? If so, check this thread:


Yes, I’m using VisualArq. Thanks a lot for the heads up!