Suggestions for Making Rhino a Better Program


Yeah… :rofl:


(Matt Gaydon) #22

Regarding the Push-Pull request i think your looking for this…

There are alot of ways to draw on surfaces, including using cplanes, etc. One you may not know is if you hold down Ctrl when picking points etc and hover over the Osaps Panel they will change to a hidden set including OnSrf

As for the others listed i think they have been covered by others.

Hope this helps you get more out of Rhino and not have to revert to the dreaded Sketch-Up :wink:

(Pascal Golay) #23

Hello - the cheap way out may be to make a macro that writes a file and one that reads a file

! -Export Pause "C:\Users\pascal\Desktop\ACAD_Transfer.dwg Enter"

! -Import "C:\Users\pascal\Desktop\ACAD_Transfer.dwg" Enter


! _-Insert File "C:\Users\pascal\Desktop\ACAD_Transfer.dwg" Objects Enter Pause Enter Enter

And some equivalents, assuming that is possible, in Autocad. The ACAD_Transfer file becomes the ‘clipboard’.



hello to all I am myself architect and know well the software autodesck I do not agree when said they are more intuitive on revit you spend your time managing not your project but the problems related to revit .rhino appeals to your intelligence while revit offers only libraries of standard objects. Of course you have to continue tirelessly to improve rhino but with visualarq it is undeniably more intuitive and creative and allows you to stay focused on your project and not on stories of “families of objects”.

Before going to rhino and visualarq I can tell you that I have been testing software for architecture for a long time.

So I tell you: Stay creative with Rhino

(Rcyewchuk) #25

Judging by the vast number of people who use Revit in the industry I would
say Autodesk has got to be doing something right!!

(Rcyewchuk) #26

Why can’t Rhino offer BOTH features. Yes , you could still get the VisualArq plug-in for
$1000 more or you could get Revit commands for free in the Architectural tab included with Rhino at no extra cost?
This way both you and I would be accommodated. You would be happy and I would be happy. We would both be happy. What’s wrong with that?

(Rcyewchuk) #27

Say it right here friend!!

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #28

@rcyewchuk please use the quote feature (select text from a post, press quote) to answer to multiple posts in one, instead of creating many posts in a row. You can also use the @-mention method to address users directly in a post.

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(Rcyewchuk) #29

But still the vast majority of Architects still use Autodesk’s Revit. All I am saying is that
if Rhino offered the same features that Revit offers for free included with Rhino through the new proposed Architecture tab, then people would be better off with Rhino because Rhino offers a stand alone perpetual license and Autodesk’s Revit does not.


Let’s call it monopoly. Most architecture firms are moving to Revit because everyone else is moving to Revit. But many firms that have been using Revit long enough, have realized that Revit is not what they were looking for, and are moving away from it.

Revit can be an useful software for some kind of offices , big ones with many recourses and with people specialized in Revit, but most firms don’t have +50 people… And don’t let me start about Revit’s maintenance…

(Miguel Villegas Ballesta) #31

I thought you were joking in your original post, and I found it even funny.
As you go on, I realize you are not.

Would you charge the same for the design of a single family house as for the design of a 200 condos-45 level skyscraper? You would NOT, right?

Then why on earth would McNeel charge the same for Rhino now as for your desired Rhino-Revit-Fotoshock-Illustrator-wanabee??

Please keep the discussions productive.

(Rcyewchuk) #32

That’s so complicated, just like Rhino software. Intuitively speaking I should just have to press the Reply button and that’s all. Please make Rhino software more user friendly and FIX THE REPLY BUTTON!!

(Rcyewchuk) #33

Are you now impressed with how many features you now get with Rhino for the price? Yes?
And how are they able to charge such a low price for what you now get with Rhino? Even if Rhino charged doubled for my Revit-Fotoshock-Illustrator-wanabee with a perpetual stand alone license it would still be MUCH MUCH less expensive than even just Revit software. This is a major tenant of my point. Revit and Adobe are gouging their customers with outrageously high prices and it is my contention that Rhino could easily offer the same features as Revit, Adobe, and Sketchup Pro for a much more reasonable price.


Why fix what isn’t broken…?

(Rcyewchuk) #35

This is too complicated and non-intuitive. Compared to SketchupPro the SplitFace command is major surgery. The draw on face pencil tool and the push pull tool in Sketchup Pro is much easier and you get solids instead of just planes. Solids are much more useful in several instances.

(Pascal Golay) #36

Hello - keep in mind that in Sketchup you’re dealing with meshes and not surfaces, it is a different kettle of fish, both in editing possibilities and in the precison and accuracy of the geometry…


(Rcyewchuk) #37

So why not give users the choice of using the draw on face pencil tool and the push pull tool from Sketchup Pro with BOTH surfaces and meshes and solids? Make the Sketchup Pro tools even better in Rhino3d !!!


Without qualifying your thesis…

I can’t get my job done in ‘ketchup’ (Sketchup)

Different strokes for different folks…

(Rcyewchuk) #39

I thought pressing the reply button was how to respond to comments in this chat room here. Intuitive guess right? Well no, I have to highlight the comment then press the quote button, then press reply. TOO COMPLICATED!!!

(Rcyewchuk) #40

Yes, give people more choices and options with Rhino3d software. Your happy , I am happy, everybody is happy. What’s wrong with that?