Suggestion for future updates


Hey, I’ve already talked about it in the past, about the suggestion to make Rhino open empty and let the user open new projects/windows like most editing softwares on the Mac do (Adobe illustrator etc), but not everyone liked that idea so I have another suggestion: Keep opening window with startup but let the user change it in the preferences if he doesn’t like it, BBEdit made it that way and I think it is awesome that the user can choose his preferable way of work.

(Willem Derks) #3

Hi Daniel,

Are you suggesting, to have an option to
Only open the splash screen and leave it at that.
From the splash screen the user can choose to browse for a file to open or select a new file (for a template)

It sounds like not a bad idea to me.

I’m not used to such behaviour, but I do find myself opening Rhino and only after all is fully loaded
I browse for the file to open and/or I drag a file in the empty instance.
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That’s a nice idea Willem but I myself don’t like splash screens but when software offers them they usually add a ticking box to disable them, when someone opens Rhino for the first time that would be a very welcoming way to help the new users to get around the software and can be a great addition. About the empty software you’re probably not used to it because you’re a PC user but on the Mac many of the softwares out there for graphic design ( video-editing, programming) softwares behave that way and I think it’s more efficient, I don’t suggest to make it a default behaviour but rather provide that option for those who prefer it.