Suggested Screen Record Software?

Hi, I’m trying to find a decent screen capturing software for demonstrating a plugin. I am running windows 10.

I’ve tried CamStudio but it is not working, capture is jumbled.

AutoScreenRecorder has a good output, but it seems to mess with my plugin.

I’d prefer free, but will spend money if I have to.

What do you all use?


I’d see what OBS can do for you. I’ve used it with good results.

What type of plugin is it if I may ask?


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I’m trying OBS now, but I’m having to get support due to what seems to be a very common black screen problem.

I’ll keep trying that but I’m grateful for any other recommendations.

It is a rhinocommon plugin.


Never mind, it is working and it is vastly better than others I have tried. So smooth I can’t even tell it is running, much unlike camstudio and AutoScreenRecorder.


Our techs have done a lot of testing and evaluating of screencapture tools.
@BrianJ probably the most recently.
I think he like Vimeo with some specific settings that work well and it’s pretty easy to use.
I really like Jing for a while but you need a good Internet connection.

The pros at lynda use Camtasia.

You do need a fast computer (CPU + HD) if you are capturing large-screen video and high-quality audio. Also, do NOT go cheap on a microphone and try to be in a quiet area with minimal background noise. I’ve seen many good demos ruined by either a built-in laptop mike / skype headset or random pet noises in the background.

I would’ve suggested Jing, but as of today there is a brouhaha building due to a mandated update that removes key features.

Will try OBS, thanks for timely the suggestions.

Where can one find out more about this?

I agree that Camtasia is the best and allows for professional editing, but it does cost $$.


try this

BBFlashBack, Pro version has full editing this is really cool free and you can even publish as gif

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Wow, what a lot of options! I’m still working with ODB here. It isn’t the most user friendly when it comes to cropping etc., but it is recording excellent video (keeping in mind I just came from camstudio).

I will have to try those others at some point.

Thanks all,

We use, in our CAD department, Faststone Capture for all the videos, captures, long web pages captures etc.
It’s a little gem. It’s not free but it’s worth the little fee.
It’s quite deep as well.

I’d second Screen Cast-O-Matic. I tried a couple of versions but ended up paying for this one - it works very well, you can upload them to your account for access later too.

Hi guys,

The one thing OBS doesn’t have that I’m looking for is a way to make clicks show up better, with like a circle or something. I understand I could get a program to animate this instead. Do any of you use something like this? If so, what do you suggest?


I know BBFlashBack can display a circle around the cursor. The circle can also be turned off.

I’ve been using Debut for the past few years if that helps.

Good info! I’ve also been looking around for screen capture software. I downloaded and tried all that were suggested in this thread. Faststone and Active Presenter I found were head and shoulders above the rest. Faststone was very quick and easy to use and great video quality, good price. Active Presenter has a lot more features and produced even better even quality videos, has built in video editing, captions, just a whole lot more features and the best part it has a free version! Both had the mouse clicking cursor dealie too.

Thanks @mix_experience !


I just tried ActivePresenter, very nice, I think I like it better than OBO, thanks!

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