Help me to create class-A Tutorials

Hi to Everyone,
I am a Rhino3D power-user, i work in my company (automotive) for around 10h by day. Sorry for my english but first of all i would like to thank McNeel for having given to the world this amazing software.
at this point I would like to reciprocate McNeel giving my knowledge and my technique. I anticipate that my time is short and I have not so much time to inform me on how to make a tutorial for the community.
I can anticipate that there will be a tutorial on Bezier class-A modelling on the work style of IcemSurf and competitors.
I ask the community to help me find the right software for video capture or the alternative right way, the ideal would be that the software is not so heavy for my intel core i5.
Thank you all for the help!


The best software I have used is Camtasia by Techsmith. I’ve done 11 courses for lynda using it. It’s all they use for the other 5,000 courses.

Good luck and keep us posted! I’m always looking for new modelling tutorials.

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Hi Massy - sounds great! I’m looking forward to your work. Please make sure to look at the V6 ‘WIP’ builds and the Serengeti group here on the Discourse forum , if you have not - there are some changes - limited but very useful, I think - to the surfacing tools in V6.


Do you have a snapshot of the settings that you use in Camtasia? This can help me to start faster this week end and avoid too much test. I hope that my cpu can work in Rhino3d and Camtasia at the same time to make a fluid video capturing! Mi first attempt with another software was a complete fail :frowning:

PS. In my opinion a complete CAD like Rhino3D need a simil-macro-recorder with comments and audio to improve is learning curve… i remember a japanese 2D soft (but not the name) that register every paint gesture and movement to visualize artist technique. I think that this is a great learning tool.

There is also Jing, also by Techsmith, but whilst it is free for 5 minute captures, and I recall some option to remove this limit, I am not sure if the result is of use, for video editing, as the 5min version is a flv file which doesnt convert easily to wmv, unless someone knows a way or more about this and your budget is limited, I mention it should such be a problem.

Techsmith also have the video editing side of their suite.

I hope you are able to go with the pure full size screen capture as opposed to compressing it, CAD is all about clarity, I hate those soft focus videos on youtube etc where you cant read the words in the menus…and dont play any music over the video please. It needs to launch and fit pixel to pixel, not require scrolling to view it all, , some Rhino videos on Vimeo I seem to recall wont fit screen easily.

use the Camtasia option to show position of mouse with yellow glow or mouse trails, and indicate right click and left click in different colours, also show which keyboard keys are being used, very important is all that !! and camtasia has those options.


I think I have a document with every setting used, so send me an email.

The hardware demands are not very high as long as you have a minimum 2.0 GHz quad core processor + 8 GB of RAM or more.

Most importantly, DO NOT forget to invest in a quality microphone & headset. You’ll also need a VERY quiet place, so that means no fans, music, people talking, or barking dogs. A minimum set-up will have some sound-absorbing material around you to eliminate the reverb. If you don’t want to buy acoustic panels or foam, some thick blankets can do the job.

If you have an Nvidia graphics card you can look into Nvidia Shadowplay which does (as far as I understand) the capturing with the hardware to reduce load on the CPU and GPU too. You won’t get the keystrokes or mouse highlight, but maybe there is a software that can add that.

It’s free too.

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Thanks to all of you, this weekend I’ll do some tests on performance and the next one will realize the tutorial as promised. Also I would like to ensure the highest quality video, but unfortunately at home I have a much less powerful pc if compared with that i have in the office (Xeon Intel), in all cases would be very happy to help the community with my experience considering that i work with Rhino3D for dozens of hours a week.
Best Regards

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