Submitting plugin to Food4Rhino

I’m currently working on a Grasshopper plugin and will at some stage want to post it to Food4Rhino. What’s involved in getting it approved and posting updates? Are there any guidelines I should follow?

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The app gets approved once and can take 1-2 business days the first time you submit (so better to not launch on or right before a weekend) from my experience. As long as your thing doesn’t contain any virus, malicious intent, or plagiarism then it will be fine. After that, you can update as much as you like. The quality of the plugin itself isn’t really looked at by McNeel as it would be time consuming I imagine and also kind of subjective. The community will determine the quality overtime with up and down voting.

That being said, my advice is plugins which launch with clear and good documentation (either by instruction manual or example files) tend to do the best. Otherwise, you could get quickly down voted by the community (as well as get comments on your page complaining about it) which could cause other users to not want to use it.

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