Upload now your Grasshopper definitions and scripts to food4Rhino

The new food4Rhino website supports now also Grasshopper definitions and scripts.

Fee free to share yours there! Just log-in, click on your user name, and upload any of your scripts (VB, Python) or Grasshopper definition as a Resource.

Contact food4Rhino@mcneel.com for any questions.


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I suppose the plan is to add a separate menu on the food4rhino website for this specific category.

Will these be moderated?

Because if not there’s going to be a lot repetition and possibly lots of not really helpful information.


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Hi Marios,

Yes, once there are some scripts & GH definitions uploaded, we’ll create a new section on the homepage.

As for moderating the quality or quantity of scripts, this will be difficult. We just test there are no viruses, etc., but the users are, with their reviews, who at the end moderate the content.


Hi Carlos,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve already uploaded something.

Review moderated content sounds nice, however still tricky. Lets see how this plays out.

Many thanks

Cool, thanks!