the SubDThickenCurves command is really a great thing , however It is producing asymmetrical results here. Or do I do something wrong?

please see pic + attache file

SubDThickenCurves-bug-01.3dm (134.9 KB)



Hi @walther,
Thanks for this. Yes, it’s an issue I’m aware of and working to fix.
I agree that wherever possible, symmetric inputs should produce symmetric outputs, which the command isn’t always doing at the moment.

They tell me that in the latest build (Rhino 7 wip) the “OffsetSubd” command works incorrectly on pipes generated by the “SubDMultipipe” command (defects at the ends of the pipe).
(subd offset options: solid no; deletinput no).
Could you check it out?

Hi @davide76,
Yes, this is a bug. We’ll get it fixed for the next release.
The problem is that MultiPipe is sometimes adding an extra ring of faces at the open ends of curved segments, folding back on itself.
It looks like there are also some extra rings of vertices being added along each segment, causing curved pipes to be more faceted than they should. This will be fixed too.
In the meantime, if you select and delete these extra end faces, it should then work with OffsetSubD

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Thanks Daniel.
Good job! :wink: