SubDPlane improvements

Hi McNeel
A couple of things I would like to have in the SubDPlane command:
a) The possibility to change the X and Y count after you set the initial corner point (or center or side)
and along the same lines…
b) A visual preview of the the X and Y count in the viewport as the rectangle is “dragged in place”.
TIA, Jakob


i agree / i think this kind of adapting the count-options later would be great for all SubD-Primitives (not only SubD-Plane, also SubDBox… Sphere Torus Cylinder…)
The dialog could be similar to _array command (where you can change distance, number, … any time).
But maybe the additional / final Enter / Space press annoys some users ;-/(

There are some other tools which have equally obtuse kind of previews. For instance, if you drag out a subd cylinder, what you see when you are dragging out is nothing like what you end up seeing when it’s added to the doc - it used a light preview, which is nice, but not very intuitive.

I’d like to see a SubD Circle too, perhaps. Or maybe it’s just me, since sure I guess you can make a cylinder then delete all except the bit that you want.

Hi All - I tend to agree with what I think is the underlying request here: More, and easier to see, feedback and more adjustment allowed before accepting the results of (many) commands …