SubD singularities on same loop

Here’s a screenshot of a quick 3D scan with my Artec Leo and a remeshed SubD.

I have used two guide curves to get a nice face loop roughly along the edge of the sole.

There are 4 singularities inside the selected face loop which ideally would all lie on the same loop…

can you delete them?

Deleting is possible but it creates a layout much worse with 6-sided faces. I was hoping someone at McNeel could tweak the code so the singularities would try to align themselves on the same loop when they are at a certain proximity.

@DanielPiker explained in another post regarding the same issue that this is really complex.

You could actually delete this thread

Hi Martin, did you try Repair SubD?

I managed to really break a SubD, stumbled on that and it did an okay job. Also SelBadObjects in these cases of singularities does spot it - downside of V7 WIP ditching my settings is that CheckNewObjects wasn’t Yes, so I’m not sure where the singularity has cropped up.

Repair SubD does not do anything on the example above

Yep that’s right sorry - it’s not broken per se is it. Just not the layout that you want/need.

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I’m no topology expert (great link too by the way) but I guess something like this would be the solution? I would second the request for something that gives you more intelligence in this kind of case. My First instinct would be you would’ve maybe needed another guide curve, offset inside from the original?

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Editing the resulting quad mesh would certainly be possible but I think it’s not really the goal here…

I tried to remesh the shoe with an additional guide curve and it looks much nicer! I collapsed one face at the front.


SubD topology


Printing this and hanging it on the side of my monitor!!
thanks for sharing!

I am completely self taught for subd stuff and this is super useful info-

For clarity, flat and smooth modes.

Good allowance:


NIce!! Keep them coming!! great info thanks!!