SubD partial symmetry feature wish / improvements on the new reflect command

Due to a recent project started in Rhino 5 and T-Splines I went back to T-Splines and by accident discovered the option to isolate faces on symmetrical T-Spline geometries. Until today, I never understood the command and I always thought it was an error that some faces turn pink.

So I finally realized how to build geometry with partial symmetry…

I think this feature should be available for SubD too.

The pink faces are not symmetrical:


I didn’t realize that existed in T-Splines. I agree that this would be useful in some cases. This also gets my vote.

Another really useful improvement of the symmetry command would be something I’d call instances, for now. While the main geometry would be symmetrical, some faces could be defined as side-by-side. Whatever happens on face A also happens on A’…

World you mind explaining how to achieve this “partial symmetry”?
Thanks in advance, Norbert

A tad tangential perhaps - Freeze may be applicable too. I know I struggle to create sophisticated forms (without blowing them up) without the ability to FREEZE.

Looks like the above is pretty much possible with the new Sub-D command reflect. It requires repetitive input once changes are made to the geometry.

Symmetrical T-Splines geometry knows it’s symmetrical and changes can be done on both symmetrical faces and isolated faces. Symmetrical parts are updated, isolated faces follow to a certain degree.

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The partial symmetry can be achieved in Rhino 5 and T-Splines. Once you have symmetry defined, right click the symmetry command and choose isolate, then choose the faces you want to isolate.

Thanks a lot!