SubD on Rhino 6

I bought Rhino 6 a little while ago and saw on Youtube Subd. Where is it ?
I cannot find it. I saw it is very similar to Clayoo.
Where is the tool for Subd.

It is being developed in the WIP that will become v7

I think if you bought rhino 6 you can download rhino 6 wip that includes this feature. In options change from release to candidate

The v7 WIP is here for v6 license owners:

There is no added SubD functionality in release candidates for Rhino 6.

The current state of SubD in Rhino 6 is described in Dale Lear’s status document that you can download from this link:

Apart from that, as Nathan writes, SubD functionality will continue to be developed for Rhino 7.

What do you guys use for subd meanwhile? Are there any apps that are more compatible with rhino than others when converting back and forth between nurbs and subd?