Sub divide

hiya all. An age ago i bought clayoo for rhino for sub dividing. My rhino reseller ages ago says rhino v6 may come with sub divide so hold on from buying clayoo again as update. I cant find sub divide tools at all so maybe its not as yet working properly? poss to let me know if there are subdivide tools yet or are they only in the command box as early days? Or you think clayoo a more power option at present for rhino v6 please? thanks. r

Hello - SubD modeling is in the process of being implemented in V7/WIP. There may be a few prototype tools in V6, but it is by no means a workable SubD toolset.


Have you tried the subdivide command? It is hidden in v6 and needs to be typed in as it doesn’t show up. There are few mesh modelling tools in v6, but many new in v7 though.

hiya, i found that because i had clayoo v1 the latest version so the upgrade is not so much to get it back… i remember it takes a while to load rhino though its a plugin but think I go for it for another just under 300 dollars or something like that.

anyone else use it on here at all please? thanks.