SubD Multipipe

Hello everyone,

I need help understanding Multipipe component.

I’m trying to get a spider web as a final result.

I have intersected Red lines with Green ones with resulting points (in WHITE) from Curve/Curve and vise versa.
But I’m not sure if RED lines and GREEN lines have to be segmented like this?

After I split all lines/curves, I have tried Group , Entwine and Merge components in order to “join” them in one entity/list and then connect to the Multipipe component, but this doesn’t work. I get either Reds or Green pipes.

Question is… do lines/curves need to be splitted or not in order to use Multipipe?

Definition attached.

Spiderweb Roof (52.0 KB)


Hi Martin -

They have to be split at the intersections, yes, but you need to flatten the input to get a single SubD object as the output.


Thanks so much, I knew I was missing something. Much appreciated.