SubD, Mesh from one radial symmetry to another radial symmetry (How To)

Here a little helpful tool to work with radial symmetry. It allows to go from a radial symmetry of 2 or 4 (the most simple I can thing of) to whatever symmetry (1 to infinity).

First you need a mesh that is a part of a symmetrical object in plane XY, centered on 0.

here I have a mesh from a 4 symmetry. The important thing is to stay to the right of the red lines. I began to make this object with a box with 24 faces. I deleted 4 faces.

My script use the pipeline, but you could provide Mesh with others ways.

You have lot of things to input, the mesh, the initial symmetry and the output symmetry. That’s all.
then move your mesh edges points …

symmetry from n to m (15.7 KB)

Making some wheel
I added a mirror inside Grasshopper so it is possible to only play with only a part of the model

test_symmetry wheel.3dm (500.7 KB)

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Some other tests, the method works quite well


testing some idea with radial symmetry.

Double skin, more realist for fabrication