SubD color gradients?

I’d love to have this feature

  1. from vertex colors - like mesh but with smoother transitions (in a way similar to how mesh is turned to SubD, I guess from linear to cubic interpolation?).
    and respecting ngons and quads (for both meshes and Subds), and probably creases?
  2. from Subd face colors…

And probably for Nurbs surfaces…

Can you post a file to help explain what you want to do in terms of the gradients and also how you’d use the model ultimately? For instance, is this for a rendering or a working display mode or 3D printing in color?

For rendering - material gradients.

The bottom right here is the place for suggestion - Colored Subd with smooth gradients
For reference:

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Another idea, based on illustrator video - pull\project curve on surface and make gradient with it.

Just in case - just found this: