Colors for individual SubD faces

Hi guys,

When trying to model more complicated things in SubD it can be very helpful to establish face loops that are important for the design and fill in the details later. If you model this way it is very helpful to be able to give these edge loops different colors. Below is a screenshot where I made some faces of a T-Branch yellow after converting to NURBS for illustration purposes. Also included a screenshot from a class showing edge loops for a face.


Could be. Seems like both would need “per SubD face” attributes to work. I don’t know if that exists or is planned.

This use case for SubD faces is essential. The whole point of SubD (at least for us) is that you have an editable, movable, watertight model you can use to explore concepts and keep editing until you/your client/your internal components are happy. It makes sense of course to be able to colorize/materialize the different chucks of SubD as you would do a final broken up model to help you make design decisions.

This feature is a must, I’ve never encounter any SubD modeling program that didn’t have this, so it never occurred to me that it’s missing in Rhino (not using Rhino SubD here yet).

Maybe McNeel should consider a global change to per subobject attributes, not just SubD faces? This also applies to polygons, surfaces…

Also I hope we can UV unwrap just a sub-selection of a SubD and they separately unwrap other UV islands on other sub-selections. Color would be a handy guide to remind ourselves which part of the model is its own UV island.


Something like this?

Blue G.3dm (125.4 KB)

Use Ctrl+Shift + pick to subobject select subd faces.
Then go to the object properties panel and pick a color.

The core plumbing is in place to support per subd face rendering materials, but the UI will not appear in Rhino 7.0 - it will be added later in the 7.x release cycle.


Yes! That’s lovely. Thank you Dale.