Parel: SubD Workflow Tests

Trying out the Mesh SubD workflow. Modeling in Blender with Hardops and Speedflow- very fast. Currently using the poly models as a reference mesh to create clean nurbs surfaces in 5.0. Testing out Rhino WIP capability with simple shapes to understand how it deals with creases, bevels, ngons, planar ngons, patch layout etc:
Crease recognition is awesome. Much more fluid than Fusion360- which is incredibly slow at this task
Import is far more intuitive as well
Really like the new high res screen capture
Why is there a separate SubD object? Isnt this just a mesh with a subdivision operation/modifier?
Current nurbs output is EXTREMELY dense for the surface that is being defined.
Could you use material patches in the obj to layout a patchwork of limit surfaces?
Can you define/mark planar caps when converting to nurbs?

This item was mis-categorized but many of the items were addressed over time.

Appreciate the followup! Dang- 4 years ago.


Sorry, this is still not a follow up. :slight_smile:

I was looking for unanswered messages and trying to figure out why they happened. Having been filed in a wrong category, this didn’t attract scrutinizing eyes (was filed under ‘Mesh’).