Subcrv - shorten not working

In the file below, I want to shorten the line to 450 cm - it’s currently 453.something. I start SubCrv, it’s set to Shorten=Yes and Copy=No, I select the line, I pick near the bottom, type 450 and Enter… Nothing happens. Hmmm… (I know it’s pretty far from the origin, but…)

subcrv_shorten.3dm (26.0 KB)

Direction option does not work either. Sub curve direction is always the same as direction of the original curve.

Hi Mitch - this worked here in the latest. Did you try a snap to the end of the curve? I am on a later build than you no doubt, so it could be a new fix… though I am not aware of anything new in SubCrv. I’ll try SR13,14…

OK in Sr 13… 14 ok… hmmm I wonder what is up? NumLock??


No, just me… I was using the command incorrectly, sorry. Wasn’t snapping to the exact end of the curve, and as there was only a small difference between the desired length and the real length, it refused.