CloseCrv command not working

For some reason closecrv stopped working for me. Doesn’t matter what file I have open, or what the tolerance settings are. I just updated last night.

After running the command, command line says ‘1 curve not closed’.

All test curves I’ve been trying are super simple. 1deg polylines and 3 deg interp curves.

rhino file: closecrvbroken.3dm (86.1 KB)

Version 6 SR23
(6.23.20055.13111, 2/24/2020)

Same build on teammate’s Rhino works fine as expected.
I’ve restarted my workstation, same results.
Is there some secret hidden switch for this command that I’ve tripped somehow?


Can you upload a .3dm file with sample curves that will not close? You can either drag the file to where you type your post, or use the vertical arrow icon above where you type.

Hi David, file attached above with screenshots too.

Works for me with Version 6 SR24 (6.24.20055.18581, 2/24/2020). I don’t have any ideas about what may be causing CloseCrv to not work on your system.

Hi Robert - your file works here as well - what does the command line say for the ‘CloseWideGapsWithLine’ option ?- make sure that is Yes.


Wow. some how that option got ticked to no. I haven’t used the pre-invoked version of this command in so long I’d completely forgotten about this option.
Thank you!