Sub Object Select / Deselect different in Rhino 8?


Im finding that the subobject de-selection in r8 isn’t working the same as in r7.

For example, I have 2 intersecting cubes, cube 1 and cube 2. I want to sub-object select a few points on Cube 1. I Ctrl-Shft LftMouse Button Drag the points I want, and inadvertently select points from Cube 2.

In r7 i could Crtl-DragLeft mouse button anywhre on Cube 2 and it would deselect any selected points from that cube, leaving my desired selection on Cube 1.

In r8 that doest work.

I have to navigage to each point or edge I want and individually deselect, which is more time consuming and can lead to accidentally moving points.

I can see why you’d want that method, but the ‘click on object to deselect all points’ option is very useful!

Is there another way to do this in R8 or has that gone away?


In this case, after Ctrl+Shift selecting the two cubes, a Ctrl+click on the second cube will deselect all of its selected subobjects (points, edges faces).

Unfortunately that doesnt work here.

But thats exaclty what I need, as per R7.


Yep still doesn’t do that here. Any reason why this may happen?