Sub D to Surface Rhino vs GH

First GH second Rhino there is a way to convert sub- D in gh like in Rhino?
Processing: Rh vs Gh.3dmbak…
Rh vs Gh.3dm (7.0 MB)


thanks!!! @eddi is possible get a cleaner polysurface?

To which place say and pay :money_mouth_face:

One Subdivision level heigher

Third loop suffocates on my computer

I’ll test it thank you so much

:nose:Oh please test the third subdivision level.
It’s like a Bitcoin generator :wink:

DAMN! a lot of time for one mesh I think the basic is ok :stuck_out_tongue: thank u again

@eddi dude after some tries the final mesh is not “simplified” when change value in the subdivision level, maybe is a bug?

Ok I see that,
Not known to me if GH has a new native Subdivision component ?
I personally then look for alternatives :wink:
If you need a Subdivider, then swing to other

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