Sub D Edge Loop Error (Invalid Geometry Input)

I’m trying to add edge loops to these faces so that I can connect them back into the main part of my model, something I do regularly in 3DS Max. Rhino keeps giving me an error:

Invalid input geometry.
Defects are marked with dots and defected components are selected.

I’ve tried adding edge loops, bridging, input points, nothing seems to work. It’s typical to take a “design first, topology second” approach when sketching out new ideas. Does Rhino prohibit this approach?

Hello - does RepairSubD get you anything that cooperates better?


I just ran that command again, and I’m not sure if it deleted an edge that was problematic, but there was an edge that wasn’t connected properly in another part of the mesh. Once I fixed that by manually stitching the verts back together, that solved the problem. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hard Surface Modeling test results. With some modifications to my workflow I found sub-d modeling in Rhino pretty straight forward. It would be great to have a few tools –

  1. An Open Subdivision type function that keeps the naked edges of the Sub-D surface anchored, while subdividing the surface.
  2. Custom crease weights for edges and vertices that can be set in the interface.
  3. Something akin to the Loop Regularize script for Max, that takes a set of n-gons and rearranges the edges into an evenly organized circular configuration.

It’s great to have the precision of Rhino and Sub-D in the same software package. Very excited for the future of Sub-D in Rhino.


My hard surface study:

Hello - as a way to get at ‘regularize’ you can Align > ToCurve the vertices to a circle (or other curve)


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That’s great! Thanks!