Sub D - control points on surface

In T-Splines we could choose to have control points on the surface. Will it also be an alternative with SubD?

Ideally yes- Subd is changing and developing a LOT- keep adding your thoughts!

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This is really important for any retopopolgy work. Otherwise if only the low-poly points rest on the surface when you turn in into subD you end up with smaller convex areas and larger concave areas.

So trying to retopo a doll gets you somethings more like a nesting dolls:

This was also a huge limitation of the QuadRemesh tool, last time I checked.


Try QuadRemesh again… there is an option that might help keep the size.

Hi Bob,

Are you answering regarding Sub D and Control points or Quad Remesh?
If Sub D - where do I find this option?


Sorry QuadRemesh

No luck here Bob…


but maybe I’m confused?

here’s my sphere for anyone to see and try:
cant_retopo_a_sphere_gf_191009.3dm (2.9 MB)