Sub D - control points on surface

In T-Splines we could choose to have control points on the surface. Will it also be an alternative with SubD?

Ideally yes- Subd is changing and developing a LOT- keep adding your thoughts!

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This is really important for any retopopolgy work. Otherwise if only the low-poly points rest on the surface when you turn in into subD you end up with smaller convex areas and larger concave areas.

So trying to retopo a doll gets you somethings more like a nesting dolls:

This was also a huge limitation of the QuadRemesh tool, last time I checked.


Try QuadRemesh again… there is an option that might help keep the size.

Hi Bob,

Are you answering regarding Sub D and Control points or Quad Remesh?
If Sub D - where do I find this option?


Sorry QuadRemesh

No luck here Bob…


but maybe I’m confused?

here’s my sphere for anyone to see and try:
cant_retopo_a_sphere_gf_191009.3dm (2.9 MB)

hi @Trav, any thoughts on this problem I posted above? thx.


@gustojunk first, id update your WIP, you’re trying with an older version. That should fix the problem in terms of the Sphere toSubD with Interpolate as Bob mentioned.

While Interp will work for this simple sphere example it wont work in all cases. That’s where you’ll want to use the Pull command much like you would in T-Splines or other SubD modeling programs.

Pulllll - Use CTRL+Shift to sub select the verts or edges of the subd then pull to the nurbs sphere. Pull has a few YT items still open so look for it to get cooler.


@OveJo the sort of crazy thing about SubD currently is that its always in both states. Meaning you can type PointsOn and see the verts from the control cage, or you can CTRL+Shift select the ends of edges and an on surface vertex will select from out of thin air. As Kyle pointed out, there’s a requirement to make this better, but it’s technically already possible, just not obvious yet. However this added info might help you in a pinch until it gets more flushed out and obvious.

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Is it possible to get the Vertices from C# and move them?